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 What is it? The Blushed Up Brow Brow lamination is the latest innovation in Brow Art. Thick, the fluffy brushed up brows are so on-trend right now and it’s difficult to achieve with just a Tint and tidy! Blushed up brow is a new technique it works in a similar way to a lash lift, it is designed to open up your eyes and frame your face.

The process essentially involves straightening your eyebrow hairs using a topical solution so that they all stand in the desired direction. 

The result is a bushier, more defined yet natural-looking arch leaving you with an off-duty supermodel look, requiring barely any maintenance. The results last 6-8 weeks. It’s going bonkers across the world and we are one of the first in the U.K. to deliver the service, train other technicians and proudly create products and deliver accredited courses to the masses.

Who is the treatment for?

Everyone who wants to raise their brow game!

Clients must have a 48-hour patch test prior to treatment.

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