Spray tanning

Our Spray Tanning is available in 4 tones: light, medium, dark, and darker than dark. It can also be customized to somewhere in between to suit every skin type.

Scented with fresh floral fragrances with a hint of fruit. For gentle skin tones and angels that favour a subtle golden glow, the lightest tone - spray tan, this tone is great for those new to tanning and those with the lightest skin types. A great introduction to the heavenly world of tanning.

All our tanning products work with your own skin tone creating the most natural bronze finish.

A rich dark tan has always been a consistent fashion trend throughout the years due to its instant slimming, limb lengthening and teeth whitening properties. This all-around and all-over healthy glow could previously only be achieved by boarding a flight to some far off tropical destination. Now creating a darker/olive skin tone couldn’t be easier with the medium and dark spray tans.

Before and Aftercare for all tanning treatments

  • Before your tan - Always exfoliate, shave or wax areas 24hrs before your appointment.
  • On the time of appointment be free of deodorant, perfume, cosmetics and moisturizer.
  • After having a spray tan, avoid showers and baths and refrain from strenuous activity which may cause you sweat for the following 8 hours. This will allow the spray tan to take full effect.
  • Moisturize your skin every day after and by following these simple steps, you should be able to maintain an optimal tan for about five - 10 days

Spray tan Virgin?

Read on to be enlightened before you go glow.

If you've never got butt-naked in front of a stranger before so they can spray your entire body with a cold brown liquid, don't worry - it's not as horrendous as you'd think. There are a few things that are very handy to know, though – like what the heck those sticky feet are for.

  1. It's best to turn up foundation-free, or you can remove your makeup. moisturizer and deodorant. Best practice turn up fresh from the shower Also use them to remove any deodorant, which may act as a barrier to the fake tan formula and will turn your armpits green if left on….
  2. While the therapist waits for you outside the room, get completely undressed(yep undies and all), remove all jewellery and get to grips with the accessories provided.
  3. Firstly, disposable pants(or a thong – in which case make sure you get it on the right way round!), which you can wear home for ease. Next, a hair net – to protect your locks (keep your ears out, no matter how silly you feel.) Finally, sticky feet for you to step onto – they help to avoid getting fake tan on your soles. Easy.
  4. The therapist shouldask you "how dark" you want to go. This is your chance to explain what you like; you could reference a celeb or show them a picture of how you tan on holiday. It also helps for them to know the occasion your spray tan is for, i.e. if it's a 10-day holiday you may want to go dark so it lasts longer, or if it's for a wedding the very next day, you may want to stay lighter so it looks as natural as possible in pictures.
  5. When you're in the tanning 'tent' (a one-person pod with an open front) the therapist will usually start by applying the formula, dispersed through a spray gun, to your torso. As advised, take a deep breath and close your eyes. You'll instantly notice, it's super cold.
  6. Although every therapist tans differently, they'll usually work their way down the bodydoing the front first and then your back when they might ask you to lean your bum out. Don't stress – it's just so there are no white patches in any 'creases'! You'll be asked to hold invisible tennis balls to get between knuckle creases, too.
  7. Follow instructions on how to stand.It might be a case of "left arm up, right arm forwards while you bend your knees" at some points, but while you may feel silly it's easy to follow. And Melanie’s walk like an Egyptian is a firm favourite….
  8. All therapists will seem to have an individual 'secret' technique.  That’s the Blush way.
  9. When you're dry you can get dressed. You should ideally bring loose, dark clothing and nothing that may rub the tan off, tight underwear, r bras, leggings, skinny jeans and tight ankle boots are a big no no!
  10. Most formulas nowadays have a before the darker guide colour ash-off, however, the guide colour of your tan will probably appear darker than the finished result. Don't freak out!
  11. Apply perfume to your clothes, not your skin.
  12. As it's your first time it's probably best not to make big plans for the rest of the day– chances are you'll look totally fine but you maywant to go home and hide. It depends on the brand used/your natural skin tone/how your skin 'takes' to a tan.
  13. You can shower after 8 hours, or less if you opted for an 'express' tan
  14. If you're planning on washing it off the next morning it doesn't matter if it's more than 8 hours later, just be prepared for a bit of a mess if you have white bed sheets. Or pile on the towels!

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