We are delighted to announce that Blush Bude has been recognised by The English Hair and Beauty Awards 2023 (Chapter 3), a celebration of the best hair and beauty professionals across the country.

After months of anticipation and fierce competition, the awards ceremony took place on Sunday 12th March at The Leonardo Royal Grand Harbour Hotel in Southampton, with 150 guests in attendance.

Blush Bude was announced as the Make Up Salon of the Year 2023. Melanie O'Reilly, founder of Blush Bude added "I'm so proud, it’s no secret I love what I do, so to be recognised for this is an absolute privilege and honour".

The winners of The English Hair and Beauty Awards 2023 Chapter 3 represent excellence in the hair and beauty industry in England. They have been recognised for their exceptional skills, expertise, and creativity in their respective categories, including hair salons, beauty salons, male grooming salons, spas, cosmetic clinics, makeup artists, nail salons, and beauty training academies.

Recognising their hard work, talent and creativity throughout 2022, Blush Beauty Bude has been awarded the London Lash Award of Excellence.

Blush Bude has been added to the top 10 list of 2023 for leading beauty/makeup salons in England. Blush is delighted to be recognised for their outstanding contribution to beauty and makeup.

We’re very proud to state that Blush Bude works with the highest quality lash products from  www.londonlashpro.com to create a bespoke look for each client and a super high quality set every time. 

Each lash from London Lash is crafted from a cruelty free synthetic fibre called PBT. PBT is a kind of plastic that is typically used in wiring, making it perfect for eyelash extensions as it is heat resistant, water resistant, holds its shape, and is moldable to different lengths, thicknesses and curls -  which is why you can receive customisable and unique looks every time you visit!

The high quality PBT fibre is also vegan friendly AND hypoallergenic - it’s basically a big list of wins!

In fact, all of London Lash products are vegan and cruelty-free which is why we chose to work with their products. 

London Lash rigorously test their products both in house and at their factories to ensure every single product is safe and fit for purpose, which is why when you book an appointment with us, you can book in confidence knowing that the products used to create your lash sets have been tested and quality approved to the strictest of standards. 

London Lash is also committed to creating sustainable and eco-conscious products. Their lashes arrive in fully recyclable paper cartons and they are switching over their plastic bottles to recyclable glass containers.

All orders we make with London Lash arrive in fully biodegradable or recyclable packaging alternatives. 

Working with a brand that is constantly striving to be more environmentally conscious helps us as a business dramatically reduces our carbon footprint, and contributes to a brighter and more sustainable future for the next generation.

It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul, so of course we want them to look their best. Since March, sales of makeup products such as eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow and even false eyelashes have been rising whilst sales of lip products have been falling. The Zoom call and the necessary wearing of masks have seen many women seeking to make sure that when it comes to their makeup routines their eyes are looking their very best.

Beautiful, full eyelashes are the perfect way to frame your eyes and really show them off. Whether you prefer the natural look, something with a little colour or lots of definition, 2020 has been the year to experiment in order to get that perfect look for your eyes.

Whilst mascaras, eye liners and even false eyelashes for that really defined look, are very popular ways in which you can accentuate your eyes, there are other options available for those people who want to take their lashes to the max and make them last.

Boost your natural eyelashes with a lash lift

If you want something that will offer you a more permanent result than mascara for boosting and enhancing the shape and colour of your natural lashes then a lash lift could well be the way forward. If you have been wondering about a lash lift but are not quite sure what is involves then let us lift the lid on this fantastic treatment that will give you the lashes you have been dreaming of. One way in which you could think of a lash lift is that it is rather like a perm for the eyelashes. A lash lift, unlike lash extensions, will alter the colour and shape of your natural lashes. It does not alter the length of your lashes like a lash extension. However, once you see the results you will find this hard to believe. A lash lift treatment carefully lifts and boosts every single lash individually, then they are tinted. This results in lashes that look thicker, longer, and darker. This is a semi-permanent treatment that is perfect for anyone who would love beautiful eyelashes on a daily basis but simply doesn’t have the time every morning. With this low-maintenance solution that is perfect for the holidays or just those occasions when you are in a rush but want your eyes to look amazing, you are assured of beautiful lashes that are sure to wow.

The brows have it

Of course, if you are going to ensure that your eye lashes look fabulous you will want to ensure that your eyebrows do as well. If you are booking yourself in for a lash lift, and possibly a tint to enhance your natural lash colour, then don’t forget to get a little pampering for your eyebrows as well. A good brow shape will only help to enhance the shape of your eyes and help you take your lashes to the max.

Once you have set the date for your big day it is never too early to start pulling together all of your plans, choosing your venue, looking at flowers, dresses and of course looking for the right makeup artist. There are a lot of things that you will want to take into consideration when selecting a makeup artist in Cornwall or any other part of the UK, so you should certainly start looking early.

Where should I start?

If you have friends who are already married, then a good place to start is by asking them about the makeup artist that they used. If they were really happy with their work, then they will be more than delighted to recommend them to you. If you are getting married and having your reception in the same venue, then you could also ask them if they have a list of make up artists for weddings that they use. Once you have created a short list of makeup artists you would like to consider it is time to think about meeting with some of them. Don’t forget that you need to find a makeup artist who is relatively local to where you are getting married; if you live in Manchester but are getting married in North Cornwall then you will need a makeup artist who is based in Cornwall.

What should I look for in my makeup artist?

Your makeup artist will be with you on one of the most important days of your life, so one of the most important things to think about is that they need to be someone who you can feel completely comfortable and who will fit seamlessly into your wedding plans. Gather together some ideas of the type of look you want; you may also want some pictures of your wedding dress if you have already picked it. Takes these with you when you go to meet your potential makeup artists and discuss your vision with them.

Ask to see examples of their previous work, this will give you a really good insight into just what they can do.

A good makeup artist will always do a trial of the look that you are considering in advance of the wedding, you need to check that you are happy with the makeup, their skills and most importantly that you are not allergic to any of the products that they use.

If they do not offer a makeup trial, then step away and look for someone else. This is one thing that you need to be comfortable with, well in advance of the big day.

Other important things to consider are what will happen if they are not able to make it on your big day, for example as a result of illness. Again, a good makeup artist will be happy to discuss this with you and will have a contingency plan that will put your mind at rest.

Learn more about our Wedding Makeup Artists in Cornwall

As we breathe a sigh of relief that 2020 is almost behind us, looking to the future and a 2021 that will hopefully bring us a new normal, it is time to look at bringing our beauty routines back on track.

With more people than ever working from home this last year, beauty salons being closed and people wearing less makeup (but paying more attention to their skincare routines) because of Zoom calls and the need for face masks when out and about, some aspects of our beauty routines have been on the back burner. But now it’s time to kick it up a notch with a look at some of those must-have beauty treatments that you will want to treat yourself to in 2021 for a new, happier you.

Skincare with probiotics

You are probably familiar with the idea of probiotics as that small bottle of liquid you can consume to help your gut, but it is widely expected that probiotics in skincare will see a big rise in 2021. They encourage the skin to produce its own bacteria that are beneficial in making it healthier and also help to reduce inflammation. Resulting in skin cells that are regenerated – ideal for anyone with skin that is on the sensitive side. And, let’s face it, wearing masks for longer periods of time has unfortunately resulting in some people struggling with their skin in a manner reminiscent to their teenage years.

Facial treatments

If there is one thing, we have seen a lot of in 2020 then it's our faces. The Zoom call has a lot to answer for. Every time we log into a Zoom call, we see our own face staring back at us for the duration of the call, neatly captured in its own little box. All of this staring is likely to have taken its toll and experts believe that there may be an increase of people in 2021 looking to have minor cosmetic facial procedures carried out or just looking to make improvements through facial and skincare treatments. Fillers and skin tightening treatments may see a surge in 2021 once we are allowed back out again of course, and teeth whitening is almost certain to be on the cards as well.

DIY treatments

For many of us lockdown and the closing of beauty salons and hairdressers called for desperate measures. When it quickly became evident that these places were not going to be reopening anytime soon many people took things into their own hands and for the first time in a long time found themselves doing their own waxing, brow shaping and even hair colouring and trimming with very mixed results.

Whilst many businesses in the beauty sector have reopened depending on their tiers, people are understandably cautious about booking treatments that will see them in close proximity to others. However, salons are places where hygiene and sanitisation is always first priority, so there really is no need to worry. In 2021, we believe there will be an upsurge in confidence for the salons we love to visit, and we could see an increase in treatments which you simply cannot do safely at home.

Whatever your choice for your first 2021 treatment, you’re sure to feel that 2021 is your year as you face it with a fresh, improved face.

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