Take your lashes to the max

It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul, so of course we want them to look their best. Since March, sales of makeup products such as eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow and even false eyelashes have been rising whilst sales of lip products have been falling. The Zoom call and the necessary wearing of masks have seen many women seeking to make sure that when it comes to their makeup routines their eyes are looking their very best.

Beautiful, full eyelashes are the perfect way to frame your eyes and really show them off. Whether you prefer the natural look, something with a little colour or lots of definition, 2020 has been the year to experiment in order to get that perfect look for your eyes.

Whilst mascaras, eye liners and even false eyelashes for that really defined look, are very popular ways in which you can accentuate your eyes, there are other options available for those people who want to take their lashes to the max and make them last.

Boost your natural eyelashes with a lash lift

If you want something that will offer you a more permanent result than mascara for boosting and enhancing the shape and colour of your natural lashes then a lash lift could well be the way forward. If you have been wondering about a lash lift but are not quite sure what is involves then let us lift the lid on this fantastic treatment that will give you the lashes you have been dreaming of. One way in which you could think of a lash lift is that it is rather like a perm for the eyelashes. A lash lift, unlike lash extensions, will alter the colour and shape of your natural lashes. It does not alter the length of your lashes like a lash extension. However, once you see the results you will find this hard to believe. A lash lift treatment carefully lifts and boosts every single lash individually, then they are tinted. This results in lashes that look thicker, longer, and darker. This is a semi-permanent treatment that is perfect for anyone who would love beautiful eyelashes on a daily basis but simply doesn’t have the time every morning. With this low-maintenance solution that is perfect for the holidays or just those occasions when you are in a rush but want your eyes to look amazing, you are assured of beautiful lashes that are sure to wow.

The brows have it

Of course, if you are going to ensure that your eye lashes look fabulous you will want to ensure that your eyebrows do as well. If you are booking yourself in for a lash lift, and possibly a tint to enhance your natural lash colour, then don’t forget to get a little pampering for your eyebrows as well. A good brow shape will only help to enhance the shape of your eyes and help you take your lashes to the max.

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